Mount Vernon District Event #2

Chill Out 1778 competed hard March 19th and 20th at the PNW Mount Vernon District Event!
The team had just come off of a hard weekend, looking forward to competing even harder than before.
The day began with practice matches and judges interviews. Ian and Elizabeth even presented to three judges in hopes of winning the Chairman's Award.
However, during the second practice match, the catapult on the robot struck trouble. For the first few matches, this catapult would not be functioning. The team did not let this stop them, as they began to breach defenses and challenge the tower with the help of their alliance members.
As the days wore on, Chill Out racked up win after win, losing only two qualifying matches out of the twelve played. This superior winning streak allowed Chill Out to finish qualifying matches as the 2nd seed team. During alliance selections, Chill Out was honored to have the second pick. They decided to choose Team 4911 CyberKnights from King's School in Seattle. Chill Out also chose Team 3070 Pronto as their second alliance partner.
This alliance worked together extremely well, trading off cheers in the stands and receiving very few penalties on the field. The alliance made it through both the quarter- and semi-finals, making to the final rounds.
In the final rounds, Chill Out, CyberKnights, and Pronto faced a tough alliance, composed of Viking Robotics, Robocubs, and Stealth. After two losses, Chill Out and its alliance lost in the final rounds, finishing the competition as the 2nd ranked alliance.
During the Awards Ceremony, Chill Out, CyberKnights, and Pronto were honored by receiving 2nd place medals and coming down to the field to high-five all the officials.
After this competition, Chill Out currently ranks 20th out of 135 teams in the Pacific Northwest.

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