Build Season Day #3

As we kick off the Build Season, Chill Out aims for the sky as we prepare to work to "lift off". After an eventful Kick-Off on Saturday, we met on Sunday from 12-3, looking at the components of the field; from boilers to hoppers to gears to fuel. We then looked at how to score, how much you could score, and how to get penalties. The team worked together to calculate boiler timing, or how fast the boiler can process the fuel, how much fuel is needed to earn a Ranking Point, and how long it would take to maneuver the field. After exhausting ways to score, Chill Out came up with priorities for robots. How do we score in autonomous? How important is that to us? Is it probable? Could we do that if we were the only robot on the field? Tonight, we broke into five design teams, each of about 5 students. Each design team is tasked with the challenge of combining the priorities set out by the team. Design teams must also focus on volume of their designed robot, the goals, and the fabrication processes, all while keeping the rules in mind. On Thursday, we hope to begin presenting our designs to the team. From those designs, our mentors will look at each design, take pieces from each, and present a cohesive design that incorporates all pieces for approval. Follow us on social media through the hashtag #FRC1778 #chillout #nootnoot #omgrobots
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