Prototype Updates

As school starts back up after a long weekend, students still are determined to work harder than ever to build a successful robot. Each subgroup works together to prototype different subsystems for complete testing later this week.
Nat, one of our senior members, hones in her skills on Autodesk Inventor, our CAD program of choice at MTHS. She works to design bumpers, a chassis, build CIM motors, and gear boxes in Inventor to scale in order to better visualize the very specific volume the team has to work with. she combines the CAD model of the intake system, designed to pick up “fuel” off the playing field ground, from Austin, Teddy, and Cade, as well as the hopper and conveyor system designed by our rookies.
Mira, our favorite graphic designer, works on sketching and designing logos for our team. When she needs a break, she’s working on Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen memes.
Ian and William work to train and teach rookie J.T. while learning themselves from mentor Dan. The four of them work on buffing up the shooter prototype, transitioning from plywood to aluminum and from drill-power to motor-power.
Matt tackles a climber prototype, a subsystem yet to be totally defined. He works closely with the DIY field elements built by our mentors.
Brenna and Angeline work together to build a welding tool that will be used to fabricate the final robot design, a crucial part of making sure our robot stays together on the field competition after competition!
On the programming side, Vivian, Bradley, Mark, and John work with programming mentor Rob to build accurate vision tracking software. This subgroup fine tunes down to the fraction of an inch accurate sensors, as a large portion of this year’s game relies on using reflective tape to communicate field position from game pieces to the robot to the drive teams.

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