End of Week 5 Updates

Electronics Board Update


Gear collector prototype hooked up to proto-bot.


Chassis and Superstructure

Thanks to the great CAD work done by Nat, the team has been able to build the chassis and superstructure to very accurate dimensions.

Any time a component team has a question about dimensions, our chassis and superstructure teams are there, ready to answer! This allows the team to maximize the very strict volume and sizing rules that FIRST has put in place this year.

Throughout the game, the robot must start with a certain width, height, and length. There were two options for starting dimensions, and we chose to start with an overall volume of 36” x 40” x 24”. Because the volume must stay constant, we had to work very hard to design components that would work around the chassis and superstructure to eliminate chances of going outside the volume!


This year, the team has some very ambitious goals! We want to be able to collect and deposit gears, collect and shoot fuel from the ground and hoppers, and climb the rope.

Our gear collector, shown above, is currently attached to our driving proto-bot. This proto-bot allows our programming team to try out different vision tracking settings, enabling our robot to shoot and collect as accurately as possible. It also gives drivers a chance to test out some features such as the gear collector!

We have begun to create a mechanism that can "hang" the robot. Matt has been working diligently to make this happen! Currently, the climbing mechanism has climbed attached to a tote because there was a robot to hang! We're excited to see how it goes!

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