Glacier Peak Competition

Ready to see more of Chill Out’s Polar Express? These competitions are like high school football games, but with about thirty to forty schools and with robots! Come visit us in the pits, ask questions about our robot, and then watch it compete on the field while the entire cheers it on! The first competition Polar Express will be competing at is the Glacier Peak District Event, March 25th to 26th at Glacier Peak High School.

This is what the schedule looks like for the event:

Here are just some answers to frequently asked questions:

Is there an entrance fee or anything I have to pay for?
No, the competition is free for spectators to attend. The only thing that costs money to spectators is if they would like to purchase concessions.

Is there food available at the competitions?
Yes, there are concessions provided Saturday and Sunday on site. There is also a number of different restaurants in the area.

Do I have to stay the entire event?
No, although you are encouraged to stay at least an hour or so to be able to watch a few matches Chill Out will play in on Saturday. Sunday will have eliminations and Chill Out may or may not advance.

Is the event kid friendly?
Yes! All team members from any team should be able to answer questions young ones might have and behave appropriately.

When is Chill Out competing?
Currently, our match schedule is unknown and will be announced Friday evening. We only know that qualification rounds are on Saturday from 11 AM to 5:45 PM with an hour lunch break at 1 PM and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM. Usually, Chill Out will have a match every thirty to forty minutes, depending on the schedule. Follow us on social media and check back online for the match schedule.

Are there any matches on Friday?
No, Friday is load in day, and only for teams to work on robots while the organizers set up the field. You are welcome to stop by, but most teams, including us, will be very busy with the various tasks required to be successful Saturday.

What should I wear to support Chill Out?
Our colors are blue and white. If you have a blue shirt, please feel free to wear it and join us in the stands as we cheer on our robot!

I’m a member of the team or the robotics club…
Stop right there! Please read the email sent out to you about the Glacier Peak event. If you haven’t recived this email, please go to

See you at the competition! Have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

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