Mount Vernon District Competition Update!

This last weekend, Chill Out 1778 traveled to Mount Vernon High School to compete with 27 other teams.

During 53 qualification matches, Chill Out managed to hold 1st place in the rankings for a majority of the matches. A winning streak was started for the first 6 matches, with Chill Out going 6-0. However, in the 7th match, "Polar Express" was tragically hit by another robot. This shock unplugged a tether in the electronics, located on the under side of the robot, causing Polar Express to shut down on the field. Driver's couldn't communicate with the robot, leading Polar Express to sit for the rest of the match.

For the 8th match, Chill Out had to queue immediately after the 7th match. Because the electronics were located under the robot, the bumpers and the top superstructure needed to be removed to fix the problem. There was no time for this due to queuing timing. Unfortunately, this lead to a loss in both the 7th and 8th matches Chill Out played.

Chill Out ended Qualification Matches as the 6th seed. After the first few alliance picks, Chill Out moved to the 5th seed alliance. For the first pick, we chose Jack in the Bot and our second pick was Neo Bots. This alliance had an autonomous shooter as well as three great gear collecting robots. After an action packed, cheer-fueled quarterfinals, the 5th seed alliance was able to move past the 4th seed alliance with 2 wins and 1 loss. In the semifinals, the 5th seed alliance lost twice to the 1st seed alliance and was eliminated.

Even though the team did not win any awards, Chill Out ended elimination matches tied for 3rd place and ranked 6th overall. We currently rank 53rd in the PNW.
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