Glacier Peak District Competition Update!

This last weekend, Chill Out 1778 traveled to Glacier Peak High School to compete with 39 other teams.

During 80 qualification matches, Chill Out managed to hold a place in the rankings around 10th place for a majority of the matches. At one point, Chill Out dipped down to 39th place! But after losing 3 of our first 4 matches, a winning streak was started.

For the first match, Chill Out was alligned with Jack in the Bot and Neo Bots, our alliance from last week's Mount Vernon competition.

Chill Out ended Qualification Matches as the 2nd seed. Spartronics, the 1st place seed, chose Apex Robotics. For our first pick, we asked the Cyber Knights, the 3rd seed, to join our alliance. But, after a shocking decline from them, we chose Top Gun our second pick was Pronto. This alliance had three great gear collecting robots. After an action packed, cheer-fueled quarterfinals, the 2nd seed alliance was able to move past the 7th seed alliance with 2 wins. In the semifinals, the 2nd seed alliance won against the 3rd see alliance twice to move on to the finals.

During the semifinals, all three robots on the 2nd seed alliance were able to place a gear during autonomous. Then, the three robots were able to get all four rotors moving, two in autonomous. This earned the alliance an extra 100 points and, with all three robots ready for take off (having climbed the ropes), finished the match with 465 points and no penalties. This is a record score for the PNW and is close to the world record, 506. The 2nd see alliance then tied this score in the next semifinals match.

In the finals matches, Chill Out, Top Gun, and Pronto lost to the 4th seed alliance twice.

Chill Out ended elimination matches in 2nd place and as a member of the Finalist Alliance. The team won medals, a plaque, and a trophy.
Chill Out also earned the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox for the innovative driver control system, "Freezy Drive".

We currently rank 14th in the PNW. This means we have officially qualified for the PNW District Championships in Cheney, Washington at Eastern Washington University.
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