Week 4 Update

Week 4 is done! Good work everyone, only two more weeks to go!


Thanks to the build team’s hard work, most of the prototypes (including the collector arm that we worked so hard on last week) are done, despite a slight setback; the original lift prototype had dimensions that were a little too short, but with more focus put into the lift, the problem was resolved. Our build team also worked around a supply problem by making certain lift parts out of wood due to a shortage of metal. Everything is designed and cut out, so once the gussets are made final building can begin.


The final two weeks are going to be a rush, so good luck to everyone!


In other news, the business team has finalized the logos for this season and the pit design is coming together. The Business Roundtable is preparing for upcoming FRC meetings, and some will be scheduled soon.


Let’s push through the last two weeks and keep up the good work!

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