Week 5 Update

Week five has come and gone, and we’re progressing faster than ever! Only one more week of hard work, and then competition season begins!

All the LEDs and sound for the arcade are working — the arcade is decoration for the pit to match the POWER UP theme this year. It was one of the first experiences the team had with using plastic for the arcade, but it was a great learning experience! The arcade is due to be revealed at King’s High School during their Unveiling event on Friday, February 9.

As for the bot, a structure has been built to place the electronics all on top of a sliding plate, allowing for easy access to the electronics. Electronics accessibility has been a bigger priority for the team this season, along with trying to fit the electronics in a smaller box that keeps them from getting destroyed by the lift. Some pneumatics also blew up earlier in the week due to partial clogging melting the tubing, but to avoid this in the future, plastic fittings have been put in place.

The final version of the lift is being built out of aluminum, but there isn’t much extra material, so members working on this part of the robot can’t afford to mess up.

One more week to go! Thanks for all your support!

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