Week 6 Update

We made it through week six! We’ll be treating the next few days as our sprint to the finish line — our longer days in the shop will be full of last minute touch ups before we bag our robot for competition season. Stay tuned for our competition dates and for competition updates in March!


Our main focus is on pneumatics right now; we’re making sure there are no leaks and that all pistons are running on the pneumatics. One of our focuses, in particular, is the pneumatics brake and where it should go on the lift. Working on the lift (which is almost done) is a little difficult, but we’re figuring it out! We’re also determining how much force it takes for the lift to work, but by using different weights and levers, we can find those numbers.


Recently, we attached encoders to the motors, which measure the distance the robot travels based on the rotation of the axel. This improves our robot’s autonomous drive.


Just a few more things to do, and then our robot is bagged and ready for competition! Thank you for all your support!

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