We are the Mountlake Terrace High School Robotics Club, part of FIRST® Robotics, a national program that challenges young people and their adult mentors to solve a complex engineering problem by using the engineering design process to brainstorm ideas and make preliminary robot designs. The robot is built, tested, and debugged. Oftentimes, we stay at school and work late into the night until our robot is done. Then it’s time for us to compete!


To engage students in hands-on applications of STEM concepts, universal skills, and critical thinking through robotics while practicing FIRST® principles both in and out of the STEM community.

Why Robotics?

In our developing society, the world needs a new generation of innovators. In order to accomplish this we must submerge students, the upcoming members of society, with new 21st Century fundamentals: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; STEM. FIRST Robotics does this by using mastery of these skills to build a robot. Robotics can also simulate an environment that a student may be put into later in their career. Overall, they will be prepared for their future careers with a variety of skills, whether it’s communication as a team or learning to complete risk analysis of solutions of problems.

What is FIRST?

FIRST®, an acronym for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”, is a non profit organization founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway. It is built to encourage STEM experience in students through competitive robotics programs. This includes the FIRST® Lego League, the FIRST® Tech Challenge, and the FIRST® Robotics Competition. Through these three programs, students are challenged with new problems every year to create innovative solutions that require design, teamwork, problem solving, and dedication. Students are mentored by professionals and volunteers, both STEM and non-STEM oriented, to help these problems. After students successfully completes even just one of the FIRST® programs, they leave with an enormous amount of experience and earn amazing opportunities, such as an increased college acceptance rate.

What is the MTHSRC?

The Mountlake Terrace High School Robotics Club (MTHSRC) facilitates, organizes, and participates in two different FIRST® programs, as well as supports others in it’s community, such as FIRST® Lego League. Students from Mountlake Terrace High School and others are encouraged to join FIRST® Tech Challenge as soon as the school year starts. Then, these students are given the choice to transition to build on a larger team with larger, more complex robot. Through both programs, each student is taken into the world of STEM and given a place to learn, apply, and teach new skills.