Week 6 Update

We made it through week six! We’ll be treating the next few days as our sprint to the finish line — our longer days in the shop will be full of last minute touch ups before we bag our robot for competition season. Stay tuned for our competition dates and for competition updates in March! […]

Week 4 Update

Week 4 is done! Good work everyone, only two more weeks to go!   Thanks to the build team’s hard work, most of the prototypes (including the collector arm that we worked so hard on last week) are done, despite a slight setback; the original lift prototype had dimensions that were a little too short, […]

Week 3 Update

We’ve officially made it through week 3! Good work everyone, keep it up!   Our build team has been testing possible modifications to the collector design, including using pneumatics (compressed air) to lock the collector arm. The collector can grab the cube from multiple angles, so big thanks to the build team for working hard […]

Are You Ready?

Time has come for the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition team Chill Out to debut their chill robot, “Snow-Crawler”! Headed for steep competition at Glacier Peak High School on Saturday and Sunday, Snow-Crawler is ready to kick some circuits. The firing mechanism is in top shape, consistently throwing boulders into the target “castle window”. The treads […]