Robot Moves for First Time

How exciting is this? 

Chill Out's robot has bright blue treads, lots of wires, and a large battery. After a long week of assembling the drive train and programming the Roborio, the team has a driving robot. Off camera, our driver Andrew controls the very slow robot at the Tuesday night meeting on 2/2/16. The next goal of the programming team is to ramp-up the speed. Chill Out also is working to find a way to more securely attach the battery to the robot.

Click here to see the robot in action!


Here We Go! – Build Season Begins: Day One

Yesterday, the FRC game details were released. This year the 2015/16 game is FIRST (R) STRONGHOLD. In this new season, we introduced each other, greeting new mentors and students as well as any returning.With the game release, comes the release of the manual. We read it the same night it was released and come to […]

CannonBot (Andrew,William,Teddy)

Pre-Season Cannon Bot

Split up into two teams, the FRC kids have been working hard on redesigning and rebuilding the Cannonbot. This robot isn’t a competition bot, but rather a showcase bot. It’s already scheduled to appear at the 2015 MTHS Jam Session.