End of build season/Mount Vernon

As we ended out build season and move onto our first competition we are ready to blast off into space! Our robot for the 2019 year can accomplish all of the 3 major tasks including hatch/cargo pick up and lvl 3 rocket. We decided to use swerve drive this year as it allows us accurate […]

Mount Vernon District Competition Update!

This last weekend, Chill Out 1778 traveled to Mount Vernon High School to compete with 27 other teams. During 53 qualification matches, Chill Out managed to hold 1st place in the rankings for a majority of the matches. A winning streak was started for the first 6 matches, with Chill Out going 6-0. However, in […]

Glacier Peak Competition

Ready to see more of Chill Out’s Polar Express? These competitions are like high school football games, but with about thirty to forty schools and with robots! Come visit us in the pits, ask questions about our robot, and then watch it compete on the field while the entire cheers it on! The first competition […]


Help send Chill Out to the PNW Regionals Championship in Cheney and Worlds Championship in Houston! For the 2017 season, Chill Out aims to compete at the PNW Regionals Championship in Cheney, Washington. 64 teams from Washington, Oregon, and Alaska will compete for a chance to be one of 39 teams advancing to the Worlds […]