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Prototype Updates

As school starts back up after a long weekend, students still are determined to work harder than ever to build a successful robot. Each subgroup works together to prototype different subsystems for complete testing later this week. Nat, one of our senior members, hones in her skills on Autodesk Inventor, our CAD program of choice at MTHS. She works to design bumpers, a chassis, build CIM motors, and gear boxes in Inventor to scale in […]

Build Season Day #7

Today has been the first Saturday 10-4 practice! We’ve started prototyping, splitting up into groups of 2-3 to work on chassis CAD models, vision targeting work, shooter design, gear collector, ball collector, climber, and hopper conveyor. For the next week, groups will be providing proof of concept prototypes to show the team. Some designs for subsystems are untested and need to be proven before the team finalizes the robot’s design. Matt works on building a […]

Newsletter System

The Business Team has finally figured out the automated newsletter system! As we begin Week 2, there’s a lot going on with prototyping, building, coding, writing, drawing, brainstorming, and everything in between. If you would like to keep updated on all the things that are going on here at school, we now have a newsletter! To subscribe, please go to and enter your email and hit subscribe. This will put you on our subscription […]

Build Season Day #3

As we kick off the Build Season, Chill Out aims for the sky as we prepare to work to “lift off”. After an eventful Kick-Off on Saturday, we met on Sunday from 12-3, looking at the components of the field; from boilers to hoppers to gears to fuel. We then looked at how to score, how much you could score, and how to get penalties. The team worked together to calculate boiler timing, or how […]

Mount Vernon District Event #2

Chill Out 1778 competed hard March 19th and 20th at the PNW Mount Vernon District Event! The team had just come off of a hard weekend, looking forward to competing even harder than before. The day began with practice matches and judges interviews. Ian and Elizabeth even presented to three judges in hopes of winning the Chairman’s Award. However, during the second practice match, the catapult on the robot struck trouble. For the first few […]

Glacier Peak District Event #1

On March 12th and 13th, Chill Out competed at the first of two district events. Here, Mark and Teddy drove Snowcrawler for the very first time at a competition. Despite the robot functioning at about half, the drivers were able to make the best of it. Chill Out could often breach the defenses, driving from the neutral zone to the courtyard twice per defense for at least four of the five defenses, all on their […]

Are You Ready?

Time has come for the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition team Chill Out to debut their chill robot, “Snow-Crawler”! Headed for steep competition at Glacier Peak High School on Saturday and Sunday, Snow-Crawler is ready to kick some circuits. The firing mechanism is in top shape, consistently throwing boulders into the target “castle window”. The treads can overcome and breach defenses like nobody’s business. The bumpers and laser-etched, acrylic side-panels are ready to bring some Chill […]

As build season draws to a close tomorrow evening, Chill Out furiously works into the night to finish the robot on-time.
At the meeting Sunday night, 2/21, members worked to assemble the components of the robot to the chassis. Each component; the catapult, collector, electronics board, bumpers, drive train, and vision tracking system, had been assembled separately and pieced together slowly.
The below videos show the robot collecting boulders and harboring them on itself.