Serious Crunch Time

As build season draws to a close tomorrow evening, Chill Out furiously works into the night to finish the robot on-time.
At the meeting Sunday night, 2/21, members worked to assemble the components of the robot to the chassis. Each component; the catapult, collector, electronics board, bumpers, drive train, and vision tracking system, had been assembled separately and pieced together slowly.
The below videos show the robot collecting boulders and harboring them on itself.





Robot Moves for First Time

How exciting is this? 

Chill Out's robot has bright blue treads, lots of wires, and a large battery. After a long week of assembling the drive train and programming the Roborio, the team has a driving robot. Off camera, our driver Andrew controls the very slow robot at the Tuesday night meeting on 2/2/16. The next goal of the programming team is to ramp-up the speed. Chill Out also is working to find a way to more securely attach the battery to the robot.

Click here to see the robot in action!